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Statistics tell us that the construction, demolition and excavation industries produce upwards of 61% of all waste generated. This is five times higher than household waste! This means there is a big responsibility for the construction industry to play their part in reducing the global carbon footprint.

With the growing world, keeping landfill usage as minimal as possible is very important. Plus, there are some great business benefits to properly managing your waste, as a construction company:

You will be compliant

Most businesses are legally responsible for their waste, even after it has left the property. This means that managing your waste properly will help with your compliance.

You will improve health and safety

The correct segregation and handling of waste will aid in the reduction of risk to both employees and the public.

You will save money

Landfill tax currently stands at £94.15 per tonne. This adds up to a big bill with construction materials being so heavy. It’s actually cheaper to be environmentally conscious!

You will build a good reputation

If you are fulfilling your environmental duty, then this will shine through and your customers will think of you in high regards. You will develop a good reputation, which is ultimately good for business.

Some of the common waste materials that come from construction and demolition include:

  • Concrete / bricks / tiles
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Soil and stones
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Adhesives and sealants

Recycling your waste materials can help greatly in not only reducing your carbon footprint, but in assisting with other industries. Here’s a some information showing what waste materials can be recycled into:

Concrete > Roads, pavements, aggregate for new concrete

Brick/Masonry > Aggregate for gravel

Metal > A variety of new metal items. Metal is 100% recyclable, see our blog about the tin can for more information!

Glass > Sand, gravel, new glass items

Wood > Landscaping mulch, bedding, fuel, composite board products and pallets


Doing your part where possible to fulfil your environmental duties is vital in helping to build a better future for our planet. Make sure you always choose a trusted waste provider, who is transparent about what happens to your waste.

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