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Not only a hazard, but also a major eye-sore, fly tipping is a big problem. Whether you have paid a backstreet dealer to clear your waste and they’ve just taken your money and dumped it, or you’ve seen some piles of rubbish on the kerbside or on your land, Valley Waste Recycling Ltd are on hand to clear it up.

We can collect the dumped waste, sort it, recycle or reuse as much as possible, and dispose of the remains correctly. Fly tipping is both illegal and very bad for the environment, which is why we work to deal with it in a safe and stress-free manner.

Reasons to use this service..
Rogue Traders

If you’ve been ripped off by rogue traders, we can quickly solve your fly tipping problem

48-hour Response Rate

If someone has dumped waste on your land, our 48-hour response rate means we can aim to get it cleared away quickly

Fly Tipping Collection Facts
Did you know?

Some interesting facts about Fly Tipping Collection.

You are Liable

If you have paid someone to clear your waste, and they have fly tipped it, then you are still liable and will be punished

Even as the Victim

If someone has fly tipped on your land, then you will still be held responsible for getting rid of it

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