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Management of your business waste, if done properly, can bring huge benefits. Valley Waste Recycling can collect your bin waste on a regular basis, and transport it for sorting. Our main objective is to recycle as much as possible and lower the amount of recyclable waste getting dumped in landfills. Once the waste arrives on-site, we sort and grade each material.

We offer subjective, informed advice and practical, economic solutions. Once we have identified the best solution for your needs, we’ll help you implement it and (if required), take over the management of some or all of the resultant service providers for you.

Reasons to use this service..
A Range of Materials

We can sort and recycle a whole range of materials including paper, card, metals, plastics, textile, glass, green waste and more

Landfill Diversion

We divert more than 60% of everything we collect from landfill


We have years of experience in identifying recycling solutions for a range of niche waste streams

General Waste Collection Facts
Did you know?

Some interesting facts about General Waste Collection.

Landfill Avoidance

Around 60% of the waste that goes to landfill could have been recycled.

Lake Windemere

The amount of waste that does go to landfill in the UK could fill Britain’s largest lake (Lake Windemere) in 8 months

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