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Our landfills are filling up quickly, and the impact of this on our environment is drastic. As waste is broken down in landfill, it releases gases that contribute massively to greenhouse gases. As individuals, there are things we can do to bring this down as much as possible, and it’s important to do so to create a cleaner, greener world! We have a few small changes that you could make to your daily routine that could reduce your waste, your carbon footprint, and even save you some money!

  1. Avoid food wrapped in plastic

In the UK, 170 tonnes of waste is produced every year, most of which is food packaging. Next time you are food shopping, think about how much of the food you buy is packaged in plastic. Where you can, buy loose foods. Not only will this bring your packaging usage down, but it’s usually cheaper and you only get the amount you actually need.

  1. Get your own reusable bottle/cup

Did you know that plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down? Getting your own reusable bottle is a great way to bring your waste down. Plus, a lot of cafes actually offer discounts for bringing in your own coffee cup, so there are savings to be made!

  1. Recycle!

This may feel like something that’s already been drummed into you enough over recent years, but recycling is so important to reducing your overall carbon footprint. Make a conscious effort to recycle everything you can, and get to know what can and cannot be recycled! For some tips on plastic recycling, see our blog here.

  1. Take your litter with you

This may not even seem worth mentioning, but littering is still a problem, especially on the beach and on coastal areas like South Wales. Make sure you always correctly dispose of any rubbish you have or take it home if you can’t, wherever you are.

  1. Recycle your electronics

It can be hard to know what to do with your old mobile phone, laptop or white goods when you’re finished with them. This makes it easy to just dump them. However, this is not the solution! We have a great blog about electronic waste, which you can read here. If you have electrical products that you’re not sure what to do with, Valley Waste can help, just get in touch today!

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