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Did you know?

Every single year, UK businesses throw away over a million tonnes of WEEE.

WEEE stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment, and small to medium enterprises (SME’s) account for a huge amount of all commercial waste in the UK, so it’s very important that all users of electrical equipment understand what it means.

WEEE Regulations

The latest regulations for WEEE came into force in 2014, and these regulations require businesses to:

  • Minimise waste that comes from electric and electronic equipment products, and promote their reuse and recycling
  • Ensure that any WEEE products are treated correctly and meet recovery and recycling targets
  • Design products by reducing material use and enhancing reusability and recyclability

You don’t have to be a company that sells electric or electronic equipment for this to apply to you. If your company has PC’s, fridges, and other electric and electronic products inside its offices, then you are expected to dispose and recycle these products appropriately.

So, why should I bother with all this?

Well, a lot of electrical products contain a huge mix of materials which makes managing the waste stream very difficult. One electrical product can contain metal, glass, precious metals and ceramics.

Dangerous substances found in some electrics can be released during some processes, which can also pose problems for recycling. Each type of product must be treated differently.


All things considered, WEEE products going to landfill can be avoided as much as possible with our WEEE recycling and IT disposal service.

If you have waste that you’re not sure what to do with, give us a call or request a quote here.

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